wash • spray • wash

Our Roof Cleaning Process


First, our certified and professionally trained employees start every job by hosing down the lawn and plants with water. This simple precaution helps keep them safe if our solution makes contact with them while we’re on the roof spraying.


Next, we spray. We clean every roof with our soft-spraying machines and a diluted solution of proprietary formulation. This revolutionary solution comprised of Nobel Prize-winning chemistry, ecologically responsible citrus terpenes, and emulsifiers is the backbone to a cleaner and greener home.


Last, we wash again. Ever heard the saying, measure twice, cut once? Well, we wash twice, spray once. With us washing down the roof and lawn after we’ve finished spraying, it makes sure that your home is safe and that the job is done right the first time–as we guarantee.



Our Guarantee

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The other guys use chemicals that are harmful to the environment, your roof, and your home. We choose to do things the all-natural way because you deserve the best service possible! Our chemicals are certified, 100% biodegradable and safely get the job done. Our cleaning process has NO BLEACH, NO ODOR, and NO HARSH CHEMICALS. This means that your kids can play, your pets can wag their tails, your plants will thrive and you can live happy knowing your home is safe after we’re finished with it! Our job is not complete until you’re 100% satisfied – we guarantee it.


Not Just Roof Cleaners

Trained and Certified Technical Service Representatives

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